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    BUG Yoast > Woody

    Have installed Yoast premium + Yoast Woocommerce But when try save product get error ..this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fatal error...
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    RESOLVED Conditional with similar name

    i have this conditional display On IF Current page Contains shirt-rosa (display AAAsnippet ) and another conditional display On IF Current page Contains shirt-rosanna (display BBBsnippet ) Results : in shirt-rosa show AAAsnippet (correct) in shirt-rosanna show AAAsnippet .... and...
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    QUESTION Option to conditional + Duplicate option

    Hi before..thanks for this ++ plugin, As any option alternative at the conditional for this ? : Display If "current page" "contains" "wordaaa" i like display if one of woocommerce tag found, like silk, display this snippet (found "avalaible attribute" but not understand better the use )...