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    RESOLVED simple sql query doesn't work

    Hi, hopefully not again a "dummy in front of the screen" question... The simple sql squery select count(*) from view_test where Geschlecht = "M" or alternative select count(*) from view_test where Geschlecht = 'M'; works well from sql side and returns the right count. If I insert this into a...
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    QUESTION Display a complex link coming from database

    The appetite comes with the food... I'm trying to display a table with data comming from a database. That work quite well, i.e. displaying a table with colums like: date, event, address. All the datas coming from a databse view with many "concat" colums, like address is a concat from street...
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    RESOLVED Display a picture together with SQL-query data

    I'm trying to display data from an external database inside a WordPress page. So far so good with Woody Snpippets that works quite fine. I can display Firstname, Lastname and Year of birth from our sport club swimm team members. Additional I would like to display a picture of each member, which...