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    RESOLVED Fetch information from a database with AJAX

    My goal: -> Through a <select> tag (triggers a javascript), I want to fetch information from a mysql database, using the XMLHttpRequest object. -> With this AJAX method it is possible to dynamically display information (when changing choice of <select> tag) without reloading the page. my html...
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    RESOLVED not possible to access stored $_GET data in array, from input fields generated with javascript

    This issue worked with the [insert_php] method, but not with the Woody snippets. Graphical view on web, see attached file ---------------------------------- I have following form, where the fields are generated with javascript (js): <form method='GET' action='my-result'> <input type='text'...
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    RESOLVED snippet within snippet - passing variable not possible ?

    I have 2 snippets ---------- Snippet 'A' is an SQL query with following content: function generalQuery { global $wpdb; $sql_query = "SELECT * from my_table1"; } ----------- Snippet 'B' includes the content of Snippet A using 'do_shortcode' and writes out data from the database with following...