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  1. Jenkler

    BUG ERR_CACHE_MISS when using import

    It looks that the provider I use don't like the post (Redirect). I see that you use a redirect when posting data if successful. Request Method: POST Status Code: 302 Found this is for the import function but under settings you use Status: 200 as it should be. Why do you use this redirect in...
  2. Jenkler

    BUG ERR_CACHE_MISS when using import

    Is this something you can reproduce?
  3. Jenkler

    RESOLVED Divi Compatibility Issue

    I have used Divi myself but we dont want Woody ad snippets to be bloated. It is easy to add shortcodes. Support in gutenberg seams fair due to standard wordpress that is included in the core. And this is not a BUG more a feat request! Thats is what I think :)
  4. Jenkler

    Git with github

    I see that you are using subversion. Why not use git and a github account for the code. I used subversion a few years ago after CVS. But git is a lot better ;P
  5. Jenkler

    QUESTION How to include snippets within snippets

    In uni snipp only [wbcr_php_snippet id="xxx"] works fine too :)
  6. Jenkler

    Shortcodes: Custom Shortcode Name

    I just need a patch so I can set the shortcode id or something so I can access it the same way. The id thing is kinda pointless. We can take the title of the snippet and make it unique and have that as a key. wbcr_snippet is kinda long but its not that important to change (feat wise). Is this...
  7. Jenkler

    IDEA Shortcode with slugs

  8. Jenkler

    BUG ERR_CACHE_MISS when using import

    Disabled all plugin and running Twenty ElevenVersion: 3.1 theme. Import still not working. ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Everything else works fine. File for import {"generator":"PHP Code Snippets v2.1.91","date_created":"2019-02-02 20:56","snippets":[{"name":"test","title":"Test","content":"Apan...
  9. Jenkler

    IDEA Shortcode with slugs

    I need this to find the correct snipp not to insert data as arg. Lets say that you have ha file that you never change in the themefolder but want to access a snipp by name. Then you never need to update the file in the themefolder if i could do this [wbcr_php_snippet name="aboutpage"] Widget...
  10. Jenkler

    BUG ERR_CACHE_MISS when using import

    Unable to use import feat. Anyone else have any issues. Using Cache Enabler plugin!
  11. Jenkler

    IDEA Shortcode with slugs

    Is it possible to add support for name and not only id in the shortcodes Today: [wbcr_php_snippet id="xxx"] Feat: [wbcr_php_snippet name="mysnipp"] Something to fix?