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    RESOLVED echo "\"" in php snippets strips \ and turns into echo """

    Is this bug fixed in 2.2.4?
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    Set raw output no post processing

    Important that it is possible to set default to always make a raw output of the content of a php script with no post-processing whatsoever. Else one may get problems like newline is converted to <br> etc. and other future unexpected problems. I guess this was a bug, but it is very important to...
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    Set variable to contain text of any post

    There should be possible to set variables to be the content of a given posts, so one can process the content. There can be a menu where one configure $POST-SNIPPET[x] to be content of post with given id; Example: $POST-SNIPPET[1] = 1500; $POST-SNIPPET[2] = 1501; $POST-SNIPPET[3] = 1502...
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    Snippet ID

    Should be possible to change snippet ID to one that is not in use by another snippet