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  1. geophysical_ninja

    BUG Asset Manager Slow When Not Using Pro Version

    I had the Pro plugin installed (and activated in WordPress) without it being registered (after an uninstall/reinstall) and the Asset Manager was slow to respond and populate drop-down menus. Upon completing the software registration (i.e., making the Pro version work) the Asset Manager resumed...
  2. geophysical_ninja

    BUG Smart Slider 3 Compatibility Issue

    Activating "SEO Friendly Images" causes a JavaScript error (Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token) when using a portion of the Smart Slider 3 plugin. I noticed it only on one slider on the site. Screen shots and details can be shared if needed. Deactivating the feature removes the...
  3. geophysical_ninja

    Remove unnecessary WordPress files

    Remove unnecessary WordPress files (e.g., ./wp-config-sample.php, ./readme.html, ./wp-admin/install.php Many users seem to be unfamiliar with these items and they can contain software version info. Also, they are useless files.
  4. geophysical_ninja

    RESOLVED General comments & need help with hidden mode

    I'll make this quick and dirty: - On the performance page: - clicking on the words "Disable RSS feeds" collapses "Redirect feed requests." However, the disable RSS feeds option is still toggled on. - conversely, if the disable RSS feeds is off, clicking on the above words expands the...