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    RESOLVED How to use custom shortcode name?

    I just went premium so I can reuse shortcode name remote and local for development sites that are not synched to production environments. This [shortcodename] does not produce results and neither does [wbcr_html_snippet id="shortcodename"]. I didnt find any pointers in documentation. This was...
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    RESOLVED Advanced plan mentions 50 sites but is meant for 10 sites

    Pricing - Woody ad snippets - insert any code, text, or ads via using conditions pricing is correct in the header, but not in the description. You may want to adjust that - I was ready to buy.
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    RESOLVED Attribute array

    Is this possible? We'd like to show posts from two taxonomy terms. So we use [wbcr_php_snippet id="415" title="Testimonials: studievariant" studievariant="voltijd, deeltijd"] but that shows nothing. If we echo the variable, we do get results. If we use one argument, we get results as well. Is...