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RESOLVED General comments & need help with hidden mode

I'll make this quick and dirty:

- On the performance page:
- clicking on the words "Disable RSS feeds" collapses "Redirect feed requests." However, the disable RSS feeds option is still toggled on.
- conversely, if the disable RSS feeds is off, clicking on the above words expands the redirect options.
- I didn't check to see if any behavior changes (i.e., does clicking on the "Disable..." words turn on/off the feature without a visual cue?).
- The RSD Link tooltip is accurate, but it leaves questions in my mind because I'm not a WordPress developer (I'm more of an advanced user). Some examples like you have for the REST API Links option would be helpful. Example, I'm pretty sure this would interfere with Jetpack.

Things that I like:
- Remove REST API Links has a good tooltip that didn't give me as much actionable info as I wanted. Clicking on the text "Remove REST API Links" did; it gave good examples.
- It took me some time to realize that this extra text becomes visible upon activation of the option. See above comment on the RSS feeds behavior.
- Your minification code produces results that compare with the best minifiers out there; CriticalCSS integration would sell me on using this feature.
- The best asset manager that I have used. Nicely done.
- Kind of irritated that I didn't find your image utility sooner.
- Auto-updates: I don't use it; seems complete.
- I like the Widgets feature.
- The comment disable is nice; the persistent mode scares me... a lot. I guess it should.

The most unique feature: hidden mode. I want to point out that all my tests indicate this works as advertised. I cannot log into the admin panel with it active. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I hope this is helpful.


Support team
Staff member

Thank you, we will take into account all your comments and suggestions.

Unfortunately Hide My WP is currently not working as needed. There are problems on sites working on NGINX. We are working on a solution to this problem