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QUESTION Plugin Questions

Hi Guys... I like the plugin... I will go premium soon... I just have a few questions...

1. Is the optimization rate throttled on the free version? I have a test site with 14000 images... The free version's optimization rate seems really slow... Is the premium version faster?
2. The plugin can automatically optimize uploaded images, but for many of my projects, I side-load images... Is there a way to get the plugin to check the media library for un-optimized images and automatically optimize them? It appears that the trigger is the upload hook so it's missing side-loaded images.
3. Similar question for the custom folder functionality... Can the plugin be made to periodically check the custom folder and automatically optimize any new files?
4. Is there an API, hook, PHP function, something that would allow me to run the optimizer from within my code at will on a certain file, directory, or array of files?

Thanks in advance!