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IDEA Allow for more fonts on the text-generated images

Currently, when setting up a fallback case for posts without an image, there aren't many font options, although you can always upload your own as an alternative (which works flawlessly).

However, in this day and era of Google Fonts and similar free (or even paid!) font-hosting providers, it makes little sense to upload a font just for the purpose of auto-generating text on a background image (although I'm all in favour of leaving that option there, of course, just add a few more options...).

It would therefore be nice to have an option to use Google Fonts as well. I'm quite aware that this option does not use the popular woff/woff2 'web font' file format, but rather that it uses fully-fledged TrueType (and possibly OpenType) files. Nevertheless, you can get those from Google Fonts as easily (or almost as easily): it's just that a two-step process would be required, e.g. first to select whatever font one wants, and the second step to actually retrieve that font remotely and store it where the other fonts already are (e.g., ./wp-content/plugins/auto-post-thumbnail/fonts.

(Right now, what I do is simply copy — in bulk — whatever fonts I like most to that directory, which apparently does not get overwritten during plugin upgrades.)

As a side note: the default fonts included with the plugin — Tahoma, Arial, SegoeUI (especially SegoeUI!) — are Microsoft fonts which technically cannot be used outside Microsoft products, and, in any case, they cannot be distributed by third parties (except when embedded into documents created by Microsoft applications). While the exact terms of the licensing agreement are a bit confusing to follow, unless you have written permission by Microsoft to do so, I would rather avoid using those fonts, even taking into account the likelihood of anyone using Windows or at least Office having these fonts installed on their computer. But that's not the same as 'installing' the fonts on a server (even one that potentially runs Microsoft software!).

Instead, please consider at least providing open-source, free fonts as a safe alternative. There are plenty of excellent choices out there, from the venerable GNU FreeFont set, distributed by the Free Software Foundation (covering sans-serif, serif, and monotype variants); or to the modern, vast collection of the Noto fonts (180 choices!), which are made available under the Open Font License, and can therefore be perfectly included in the APT plugins (both on the free and the premium option). There are, obviously, far more choices, according to taste and preference, but it's better to stick to fonts that are publicly released as free to use and distribute, as well as being unencumbered by royalties or any other restrictions or limitations — a guarantee that Microsoft does not offer for Tahoma, Arial or SegoeUI (although Microsoft does have a few open-source fonts available as well).