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RESOLVED Clearfy Bussines issues

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I have Clearfy Bussines license and I'm notice some issues on the websites:
  1. I entre a new path for the wp-content/uploads folder, ex.: "files" and when I Reset all settings the images keep having "files" in the URL and not "/wp-content/uploads/" as it should
  2. I can't completelly hide the fact that the websites are running Wordpress
  3. I notice that the website become slower when Clearfy is installed and activate, even with the default setting only

The majoroty of websites where I use Clearfy plugin are built with Divi and I really need to find a perfect setup in order to have Clearfy plugin adn Divi work in harmony.

Your hep is trully welcome as I'm unable to achieve what I need, and that need was the reazon why I've bought Clearfy.



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Hi, Carlos

Hide My wp component replaces the links js and css resources, in some cases these links may crashed. So that I can fix the problem, I need more information about your site and your content. The slowdown of the site may be due to broken links of images.

Open the Developer Console in your browser:

1. Read the instructions on how to open the Developer Console in different browsers https://kb.mailster.co/how-can-i-open-the-browsers-console/

2. Activate on the plugin and Open Developer Console on frontend of your site. Component Hide my wp must be activated and configured.

3. Take a screenshot of the console to capture all red messages.

4. Attach the screenshots to this letter.

Admin panel access:

If you have a test site or you just can give access to the Wordpress admin panel, this can speed up the resolution of the problem. I will be able to visit your site and find out for myself all the problems associated with the plugin.

Generate a debug report which will contains inforamtion about your configuratin and installed plugins:

In the Clearfy plugin on the "quick start" page, you can find a support form.

1. Just click on the "Generate an error report".

2. Attach the received archive to this letter.

This information will help me learn more about your site.

Best regards, Alex
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