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BUG Optimization in progress. Remained 18 images.

So there are 2 issues I'm currently facing and hope you will be able to help me out.

First of all, when I try to click on optimize (thousands of images have successfully been optimized), there are 18 remaining images that are not getting optimized, no matter what I try. The results show that "100%" has been optimized, but it keeps saying "remained 18 images". In the log on the main page of the plugin, it shows the most recently optimized images, but these 18 sneaky ones are not showing up.

Is there a way to find out what is causing this to happen?

Additionally, I went to the settings and changed from Lossless to Lossy as well as changed that EXIF is to be removed and image sizes should be reduced to 1600 pixels per side maximum. I know there are a couple of images at least that would need to get optimized, however when I click on Optimize Now, it still just shows the 18 images remaining and the other images dont get optimized anymore. Am I doing something wrong?

Lastly, just a small clarification.. When I go to my uploads folder on the site, I can see there's about 16GB of images there, uploaded over the years, however when I check Robin, it says there's only 4GB. Is this because the 16GB includes other files or perhaps thumbnails as well, whereas Robin only displays the main images? Or is it because those images are somehow not in the media library? If so, how can I determine which files in the uploads folder are not in the media library? How can I find out which files are not getting optimized?

Thanks in advance for the help and providing this excellent plugin! Btw, are the Pro fees monthly, annually or one-time fees?


Developer & Support

1) Most likely 18 images are new thumbnails of already optimized images. In any case, you need to find these images in the media library and check what is wrong with them. You can also optimize them forcibly

2) Changing the optimization settings will not over-optimize all images. You need to restore the backup in the plugin and optimize everything anew with new settings

3) The uploads folder also stores a full backup of images before optimization. And other files of different plugins

Premium subscription pays annually