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RESOLVED Public function error- SOLVED

I love this snippet manager and have no issues with it for many years
Suddenly, I cannot add a new professional snippet from gravity wiz
It fatal errors on line 16 which is simply

public function __construct( $args = array() ) {

the error given is

The code snippet you are trying to save produced a fatal error on line 16:
syntax error, unexpected identifier "      public", expecting "function" or "const"

the snippet has been checked by gravity wiz and they don’t see an issue. Is this something to do with woody?

the full snippet is here snippet-library/gp-advanced-select/gpadvs-enable-add-new-option.php at master · gravitywiz/snippet-library

thank you

FIX - this happened becayse the snippet had been copied from github and emailed, then copied from the email to woody. for some reason it introduced invisible changes which caused syntax errors. takin the snippet directly from github works.
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