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RESOLVED <script> tags execute from Description list


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It appears that the new version of this plugin (since changing to Woody) has a "Description" column on the Snippet list in wp-admin. Since we didn't have a Description set for our old snippets, it just displays the first part of code right in this space... and any <script> tags which were in the code actually end up executing. This has broken the plugin for us because one line of code in a snippet actually echoes a window.onload redirect.

Can't pause the snippet, can't edit it... because as soon as we load the script list, it redirects away.


We had to get this working so just switched to a different plugin designed specifically for doing redirects - that fixed the issue.

Still, you might want to look into some of these issues:
  • Code (including echo'd javascript) should never be executed from the snippet list
  • At least in a load balanced environment, the snippet list randomly saves or doesn't save changes. It seems to load a different revision every single time you load a snippet. It would seem like since the snippets are saved in wp-posts, they would be consistent between all servers, but instead they are bafflingly randomized. We do not have any caching plugins running, so that can be eliminated as a cause. Really bizarre behavior in this version.
  • Description column is randomly not used when displaying the snippet list - sometimes it loads code in this column, sometimes it loads the Description. Again, kinda random.
Thanks, hope this helps improve the plugin
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I think I was able to fix the bug in the new version of the plugin 2.2.8

If you ever back to our plugin, please try a new release.

Best regards, Alex